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Corporate Social Responsibility

Just as we relentlessly pursue the best solutions for our clients, we are also committed to the global community around us. Our employees are empowered to make a difference through our social responsibility initiatives focused on education, environment and the community.




EPAM eKids

The EPAM eKids program encourages young children to explore software engineering. Based on the Scratch MIT program, EPAM eKids provides a fun environment for children to learn through practical tasks and mentoring from our employee volunteers.


In April 2015, we established a partnership with Carbon Footprint UK to assess our carbon footprint and provide guidance on how to implement our practices to reduce our own impact. We will continue to support the energy management system with Carbon Footprint UK to improve our overall energy efficiency across our locations.


We support social innovation and cooperation with the tech community to provide solutions to specific local needs.

As a partner of the UNDP program, EPAM supported Hack4Tourism and Hack4SocialChange - two hackathons that promote the visibility of ecological tourist sites in Belarus.