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Career opportunities at EPAM Czech Republic


What’s it like working at EPAM? Are employees happy with their work? These are just a few of the questions we’ve received from readers and listeners who are interested in becoming EPAMers. Let’s hear from Jitka Tarhonska, a People Lead at EPAM Czech Republic, for her perspective.

1. Why join EPAM Czech Republic?
While we focus on excellent delivery, we also build supportive teams, demonstrate strong leadership and contribute to a collaborative and friendly environment. Due to the special skillset needed for our clients, we focus on hiring talented IT professionals locally in the Czech Republic as well as relocating people from overseas. This has led to our unique multicultural environment here at EPAM Czech Republic. Different backgrounds, skills and ways of thinking result in a diverse company where we can learn and grow from each other every day. This is the basis of our success.

2. What's it like working at EPAM Czech Republic?
EPAMers have access to many different projects with global industry-leading clients and have an opportunity to follow structured career paths with clear targets and goals. EPAM also offers extensive learning and development resources and upskilling options. This brings exciting professional development opportunities for our colleagues.

3. What's the community life at EPAM like?
At EPAM Czech Republic, you will join a dedicated, creative and diverse community that will help you discover your full potential. We are fearless problem-solvers who have the desire to make things better.

There is also ample opportunity to get involved with meaningful projects. Each year we organize a variety of CSR activities like tree planting, Run for the Planet, Calorie Burning and other challenges. It's a lot of fun and hard work that everybody enjoys. We work a lot with our future talents on the eKids program for educating children and also organize different events like summer or winter parties.

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